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Better Sleep for Your Baby


Sleep Sack

  • $44.99

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Our fabric is a unique blend of bamboo and cotton. To keep your Butterfly Swaddle product ultra soft and at it's best, we recommend washing in cold on a gentle cycle with like fabrics or few garments. To keep the strength of the silent velcro it's best to line dry your Butterfly Swaddle.

When swaddling your baby please make sure you can see the top of the butterfly emblem above the top of the outer wrap to ensure proper positioning. It should always be at least 2”-3” below the top of baby’s shoulders.

Tips and tricks :
Bring cuffed sleeve to baby’s arms and gently guide hand and arm through sleeves. This helps you avoid the “tug of war reflex” you may encounter if you were to try to bring their arms to sleeves instead.

For second arm make sure to pull out any gathered fabric from behind baby’s backside giving you more material for ease of dressing.

Pull down bottom of the sleep sack gown to straighten gathered fabric from behind baby’s body and from below baby’s chest area before swaddling baby with the wrap.

Our Sleep Sack is designed for infants aged 2-12 months and/or weighing over 10 pounds. This adjustable sleep sack serves as a safe, wearable blanket, crafted from the same luxuriously soft bamboo organic cotton blend of our Butterfly Swaddles. It adheres to the highest quality standards and features a TOG rating of 0.5, making it ideal for all-season use. Each sleep sack includes a temperature chart to assist in selecting the right clothing based on nursery conditions. For convenience, it is equipped with a two-way zipper for quick diaper changes.

Care Instructions : To care for your Sleep Sack, simply turn inside out and machine wash cold on a gentle washing cycle. Tumble dry on low or line dry. We recommend for the best care, to wash alone or with other clothing that is similar fabric type.

Materials: 70% Bamboo Rayon; 30% Organic Cotton; No Filling.