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For better sleep for your baby!

Frequently asked questions

The 0 to 3 month age range is from the American Pediatric Association as a general recommended guideline for safe sleeping. The swaddle sweet spot is 7 to 12 lbs. However, the swaddle has been tested on babies over 12 lbs and even then, there is ample room for growth! Thankfully, with the four-way stretch of the fabric along with how adjustable the wrap is, we are confident you will find great use in the swaddle for the first three months and maybe longer (if there are no signs of rolling over).

To ensure that your skilled wiggle-worm doesn’t break through, make sure that you adjust the wrap to be as snug as possible! Snugness should not exceed you being able to still fit at least one finger between the wrap and the baby. Here’s an instructional video on wrapping and adjusting: Butterfly Tutorial.

Place your fingers through the cuff of the sleeve and guide each hand through.

In a regulated nursery temperature of 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit, a simple short-sleeve onesie is all you need.

1.5 total TOG rating

Absolutely. The swaddle is organic and finished on the inside with utmost care keeping your delicate baby’s skin in mind. The two way zipper has a special binding to prevent pinching and scratching.

Although you don’t have to remove the outer wrap, you may find it easier to simply open the wrap and utilize the two way zipper. The silent closure will ensure the baby isn’t disturbed during the wrapping and unwrapping process.