Why Our Swaddle is Unique: Sleep Training Stages
Check out the incredible versatility of a sleep training system developed by an RN, a Newborn Care Specialist, and a Leading Sleep Training Expert
Stage 1​

Full Swaddle
(0 to 6 weeks)

Buttery Soft Material You have to Feel to Believe

Stage 2

One Arm Out
(6 – 10 weeks)

Versatile Wrap with SILENT VELCRO helps with transitioning out of full swaddle.

BONUS: Wrap can be used to secure other swaddles!
Stage 3

Both Arms Out
(10 – 12 weeks)*

Wrap applies just enough pressure to give the feeling of being hugged.

Stage 4

Patented Mesh Wings
(12+ weeks or during wake time)**

Mesh Wings help control and slow the startle reflex when not used with wrap.

* These are the recommended steps/stages for transitioning out of the swaddle and teaching your baby to soothe without their arms held. Any position can be used at any age 0 – 3 months as long as your baby is NOT rolling over.
** Swaddle should be discontinued the moment your baby shows signs of rolling over, even if they are younger than 12 weeks.

two-way zipper for easy diaper changes

completely detachable outer wrap
for more freedom for the baby’s arms when swaddle wrap is not needed

ample space for hip health

silent closure won’t wake baby

patented “wings” help decrease startle reflex

Organic Cotton

Swaddle contains materials that are of proven organic origin as well as environmentally and socially responsible processing. Third-Party Verified.

Bamboo Rayon

Swaddle material is free of AZO, Lead, and Fire-Retardant chemicals. Includes threads, zipper, and linings.

CPSC Certified

Tested to be in compliance with United States Safety Requirements for baby products.

The Butterfly SwaddleTM wrap helps to prevent the startle reflex while creating a secure and comforting feeling assuring a more calming, quieter, sounder sleep for babies.