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Better Sleep for Your Baby

  • Enhance Your Baby's Sleep

    Crafted for comfort and simplicity, Butterfly Swaddle ensures your little one sleeps soundly through the night.
  • Silent Closure Sleep System

    Our innovative design redefines ease and tranquility in baby care

Butterly Swaddle

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All-in-One Swaddle

Crafted from a luxurious bamboo and organic cotton blend, it provides an ultra-soft touch and comforting embrace for delicate skin.

Butterfly Swaddle

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Butterfly Swaddle

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Why Our Swaddle Is Unique :

Sleep Transitional Stages


  • I purchased this for my newborn and LOVE it. The silent velcro is genius and the webbed arms are too! The options this swaddle has is like nothing else on the market. After four babies, I FINALLY found the unicorn of swaddles. It's so soft too!

    - Kari

  • I’ve been using Butterfly Swaddle products since my little one was born! I love high quality of the products and my baby is able to be safe and secure in the swaddle and she gets better sleep because of it!! The wrap is not loud to open and close and the material is so so soft. Highly recommend if you are looking for a top of the line swaddle for your baby!

    - Liv

  • "I can’t recommend The Butterfly Swaddle enough. The patented wings gently calm my son's startle reflex, which used to wake him up constantly. Now, he sleeps through most of the night, and the transition out of swaddling has been seamless. It's truly made our nights much more restful."

    - Crystal